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    Chloritoid-pyrophyllite-muscovite schists in the Western Gemeric: mineral equilibria and protoliths
    Fluid inclusion, stable isotope and geochronologic evidence of Cretaceous collision-related formation of hydrothermal veins in the Gemeric basement (Western Carpathians)
    Late Cretaceous intra-Austroalpine collisional events as evidenced in the Veporic and Gemeric terranes in Slovakia
    Metamorphic Origin of Hydrothermal Ore Fluids of Vein Mineralization in Gemeric belt, Western Carpathians
    The Noetsch-Veitsch-North gemeric zone of Alps and Carpathians: correlation, paleogeography and significance for Variscan orogeny
    Petrology and geochemistry of metabasalts from Rakovec (Paleozoic of Gemeric unit, inner Western Carpathians)
    Petrophysical types of Gemeric Granites (West Carpathians, Czechoslovakia)
    Spherical accessories ("spherules") in gemeric granites (West Carpathians - Czechoslovakia)
    Uranium Distribution in Volcanic and Volcanoclastic Rocks of the Northern Gemeric Permian
    Zircons of gemeric granites (West Carpathians - Czechoslovakia)