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    2nd International Conference on Natural Glasses, Prague, September 21-25, 1987
    Chemical characterisation of impact glasses from Zhamanshin impact crater, Kazakhstan. Possible contamination of irghizites by extraterrestrial matter
    Cobalt-containing silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from poly[methyl(phenyl)]siloxane and cobalt phthalate
    Effects of chemical composition and temperature on transport properties of silica-rich glasses and melts
    Geochemical characteristics of basement target rocks, suevitic glasses from the Eyreville B drill core, Chesapeake Bay impact structure, and three bediasites
    Geochemical characterization of impact glasses from the Zhamanshin crater by various modes of activation analysis. Remarks on genesis of irghizites
    Hydrothermal Decomposition of Vanadium Glasses
    The importance of Corrosion Studies of Natural Glasses for Predicting Durability of Radioactive Waste Glass in a Geologic Environment
    Influence of composition and preparation conditions on some physical properties of TeO2-Sb2O3-PbCl2 glasses
    Investigation of electrical and optical properties of Ge-Ga-As-S glasses doped with rare-earth ions
    Lithium in tektites and impact glasses: Implications for sources, histories and large impacts
    Localised doping of Li-silicate glasses by Er3+ ion exchange to fabricate thin optical layers
    Mechanical response of novel SiOC glasses to high temperature exposition
    Mössbauer spectroscopy of silicate glasses from the lunar regolith
    Natural corrosion of the uranium-colored historical glasses
    Planar optical waveguides in newly developed Er-silicated glasses: a comparative study of K+ and Ag+ ion exchange
    Quantitative element characterization of natural glasses via SIMS mass spectra and depth profiles
    Spherical inclusions of metallic iron in lunar glasses
    Structure of silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from poly(methylsiloxane) and poly[methyl(phenyl)siloxane] precursors
    Synthesis of curable siloxane and silazane resins and their conversion into nanostructured silicon oxycarbide glasses and foams
    Tektite Glasses from Lusatia (Lausitz), Germany
    Terrestrial and Lunar, Volcanic and Impact Glasses, Tektites, and Fulgurites
    Transformation of polymethylphenylsiloxanes to siliconoxycarbide glasses
    Triple-oxygen isotope composition of moldavites and irghizites: clues for source materials of tektites and other impactrelated glasses
    Uranium glasses: the experimental leaching compared to the long-term natural corrosion
    Volcanic glasses from the Aden trap series in Yemen
    Weathering of the old uranium glasses - an analogue of vitrified waste