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    Miocene invertebrates from the Palaeolithic (Gravettian - Pavlovian, Kostenkian) archaeological sites of Pavlovian Hills (Southern Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Pavlov I Southeast. A Window Into the Gravettian Lifestyles
    Gravettian and Epigravettian Chronologies in the Middle Danube Area
    Gravettian occupation of the Beckov Gate in Western Slovakia as viewed from the interdisciplinary research of the Trenčianske Bohuslavice-Pod Tureckom site
    The Gravettian occupation on the middle course of the Morava river
    Human Remains from the Moravian Gravettian: Morphology and Taphonomy of Isolated Elements from the Dolní Věstonice II Site
    Jarošov-Podvršťa. A Faunal Anomaly among Gravettian Sites. Osteological Material Analysis
    Menu of Gravettian people from southern Moravia
    Menu of the Gravettian people from Southern Moravia
    The role of abiotic factors in ecological strategies of Gravettian hunter-gatherers within Moravia, Czech Republic