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    Bundschuh J., Bhattacharya P., Chandrasekharam D. (eds.): Natural Arsenic in Groudwater: Occurence, Remediation and Management
    Biological protection of groudwater from nitrate polliution
    Geochemistry of secular evolution of groudwater
    Groudwater pollution modeling within the Middle Turonian aquifer near Mimoň water supply area, Northern Bohemia
    Groudwater protection from agricultural pollution with regard to the czechoslovak law
    New aspects on chemical composition of groudwater in relation to weathering processes: the crystalline complex of the western Carpathians
    Pollution of groudwater in "Žitný island" by nitrogenous matter from agricultural large-scale production studied in model territory of "Diarhan"
    The role of the unsaturated zone in conflicts between the drainage of agricultural soils and concern of groudwater resources