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    4th Workshop on Hard Rock Hydrogeology of the Bohemian Massif
    Extended abstracts volume of 4th workshop of hard rock hydrogeology of the Bohemian massif
    Hard Rock Hydrogeology of the Bohemian Massif
    Workshop on hard rock hydrogeology of the Bohemian massif - extended abstract
    Adequate depth of boreholes in hard rocks: a case study in Ghana
    Climate change in Central Europe and the sensitivity of the hard rock aquifer in the Bohemian Massif to decline of recharge, case study from the Bohemian Massif
    Control of rockburst risk in hard coal longwall mining - A case study
    Cutting process of hard rocks and water jet assistance
    Description vs. interpretation: problem of small rounded pits and shafts of the Early Ordovician hard substrates (St Petersburgs region, Russia)
    Development of a tool for managing groundwater resources in semi-arid hard rock regions: application to a rural watershed in South India
    Environmentally acceptable utilization of hard coal
    Hard rock cutting systems and techniques
    Hard Rock Cutting systems and techniques
    Hierarchy of inhomogeneity elements influencing transmissivity distribution in hard rocks
    High pressure water jet assistance of hard Rock cutting Process
    Hydrogeological Environment in Hard Rocks : An Attempt at its Schematizing and Terminological Considerations
    Inexpensive long-term stability monitoring on railway cuttings in hard rock
    A laboratory study of hard rock disintegration by high-pressure-water-trough bit
    Landscape-use Optimisation with Regards to Groundwater Protection Resources in Hard Rock Mountain Areas (LOWRGREP); some results from an European research program (5th PCRD).
    Major and minor elements in the hard coal from the Czech upper Paleozoic basins.
    Mechanical excavation of hard rocks
    Porous composites based on siloxane resin for hard tissue replacements
    Possibilities and Problems of Deterministic Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Flow in Hard Rocks : Parametric Case Study in Central Bohemia
    Preweakening of hard rocks with ultrasonicaly generated pulsed water jets
    Privatisation and restructuring of the hard coal industry in the Czech Republic
    Regional transmissivity distribution and groundwater potential in hard rock of Ghana
    Risk assessment for a high massive rock slope in hard rock
    Rockbursts provoked by destress blasting in hard coal longwall mining
    State-of-the-Art of Hydrogeological Investigations in Hard Rocks: The Czech Republic
    Structure of hard coals and its influence on coal conversion processes : the influence of the chemical and physical structure of maceral groups on the behavior of bituminous coal in conversion processes
    Structure of hard coals and its influence on coal conversion processes
    Study of high pressure water Jet Hard Rock cutting
    Synergetic Effect of Chemical Structure and Maceral Composition of Hard Coals on their Technological Properties
    Thermophysical Properties of Hard Coals and the Relations to Coal Rank, Chemical Structure and Porous Texture