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    8th Highway and Urban Enironment Symposium. Book of Abstracts
    Highway and Urban Environment: Proceedings of the 8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium
    The Beroun highway - a new key profile for the continental Lower Pleistocene in Central Europe
    Lower Pleistocene soils of the Beroun highway section
    Palaeomagnetic investigation of the Beroun highway section
    Palaeomagnetic Research of a Fossil Cave in the Highway Construction at Kozina, SW Slovenia
    Palaeomagnetic research of a fossil cave in the highway construction at Kozina, SW Slovenia
    Petrology of Lower Pleistocene continental deposits - Beroun highway
    The significance of the Lower Pleistocene sedimentary complex of the Beroun highway
    Toxicologically important trace elements and organic compounds investigated in size-fractionated urban particulate matter collected near the Prague highway