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    MEPP 93. International Seminar on Diagnostics and Control through Neural. Interpretations of Fuzzy Sets. Proceedings. 2
    The Campanian Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: palaeoecological interpretations
    Can detailed sampling and taphonomical analysis of Foraminiferal assemblages offer new data for paleoecological interpretations?
    Early Campanian Grünbach flora of Austria: systematic composition and palaeoclimatic interpretations
    The fossil record of Berberis (Berberidaceae) from the Palaeocene of NE China and interpretations of the evolution and phytogeography of the genus
    Geochemistry and Petrology of the Early Palaeozoic Železný Brod Volcanic Complex (W Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): Geodynamic Interpretations
    Geochemistry of flysch sediments and its applications in geological interpretations
    Geodynamic Interpretations of the GPS Data in the Moravo-Silesian Zone
    New observations and interpretations of the enigmatic poorly know Late Paleozoic Irregularina Bykova, 1955
    Palaeoclimatic interpretations of the Grünbach Flora (Early Campanian, Lower Austria)
    Preliminary AMS and rock magnetic interpretations for Devonian carbonates of Morava-Silesian zone (Czech Republic)
    Prospects of geoarchaeological interpretations of medieval dwelling-houses and farm-out buildings, case study from the archaeological research in Brno, Czech Republic
    Recent geodynamic processes in the east part of the Bohemian Massif detected by GPS technology and geological interpretations
    To geodynamic interpretations of GPS data monitored on the EAST SUDETEN network
    To geodynamic interpretations of GPS data monitored on the East Sudeten network