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    Early Palaeozoic crustal melting in an extensional setting: petrological and Sm-Nd evidence from the Izera granite-gneisses, Polish Sudetes
    Early Palaeozoic Izera (Rumburk) granites from West Sudetes, Poland
    Origin of tin mineralization of the Izera schists in Kamienskie range (Sudetes)
    Petrogenesis of continental mafic dykes from the Izera Complex, Karkonosze-Izera Block (West Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Progressive regional metamorphism of the Izera block, western sudetes (Poland)
    Tectonic transport directions in the Izera block (West Sudeten)
    Tourmalinization in Izera Mts., south-eastern Poland. 3. Österreichisches Fluid Info Treffen, vom 9.11. bis 10.11.1995
    What Happened to Quartz from the Izera Gneisses? A Possible Scenario