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    Diverse rock types from Jamaica : perspectives from petrography and whole-rock chemistry : initial report
    High-grade limestones from the Santa Cruz Mts. : progress report 2 : pure calcarenite and calcirudite from the Santa Cruz Mts., Jamaica as raw cementitious materials
    High-grade limestones from the Santa Cruz Mts., Jamaica : progress report
    Rheoignimbrite of the Sommerfield Group, Central Jamaica (Initial report)
    Sedimentary Kaolin and Sand of the Black River Bay, Jamaica, as Supplementary Raw Materials : initial report
    Selected igneous rocks from the Benbow Inlier-West proposed as crushed rock aggregates, Jamaica : progress report
    Supplementary Cementing Raw Materials from the Hanover Block, western Jamaica : initial report
    Vein barite from the Benbow Inlier, Central Jamaica : initial report
    Volcanic and pyroclastic rocks from the Bito and Ramble area, Jamaica: Petrography and whole-rock chemistry : progress report no. 1