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    Sedimentary Kaolin and Sand of the Black River Bay, Jamaica, as Supplementary Raw Materials : initial report
    Adsorpce toxických oxoaniontů Se na povrchově upravený kaolin
    Beneficiated kaolin production in Czech Republic
    Genesis and mineralogy of the Rio Callejon kaolin deposit (Cuba)
    Genetic types of the kaolin deposits in the Bohemian Massif
    Geochemistry of a weathering kaolin profile in the Karlovy Vary area (Czech Republic)
    Geological evidence of the genesis of the Horní Bříza and Kaznějov kaolin deposits
    High-matrix arkosic sandstone in the Žihle basin (SW Bohemia) as a source of feldspar-bearing kaolin
    Hlubinná těžba kaolínu. 2. díl, Kaolín na Podbořansku : Hlubinné dobývání kaolínu na Podbořansku
    Kaolín z ložiska Mašovice-Hradiště
    New ways of applying shallow refraction seismics in the research after kaolin deposits
    Petrographic and mineralogic characteristic of kaolin from Vidnava (Northern Moravia)
    A study of the distribution of lead, cadmium and copper between water and kaolin, bentonite and a river sediment
    Thermal transformations of the Sedlec kaolin in the light of changes of the specific surface area
    Zonal development of residual kaolin in the muscovite granite of the Smrčiny massif (Fichtgebirge)