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    Application of the acid ammonium oxalate method to samples from a loess-paleosol site near BoĊ™etice (Czech Republic)
    Late Quaternary Loess-Paleosol succesion in southern Siberia: Implications for Northern Hemispheric climatic teleconnections
    Late Quaternary loess-paleosol successions in southern Siberia : implications for northern hemispheric climatic teleconnections
    Magnetic properties and paleoclimatic implications of loess-paleosol sequence of Czech Republic
    Paleoclimatic significance of Loess-Paleosol successions in Southern Siberia
    Rock magnetic proxies of climate change from loess-paleosol sediments in the Czech Republic
    Rock-Magnetic Proxies of Climate Change from Loess-Paleosol Sediments of the Czech Republic