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    Stop E1-6: Ludlow and early Přídolí succession at Mušlovka Quarry near Řeporyje; early Ludfordian radiation and the effect of the Ludfordian extinction events in the shallow-water carbonate succession
    At what stratigraphical level is the mid Ludfordian (Ludlow, Silurian) positive carbon isotope excursion in the type Ludlow area, Shropshire, England?
    The Early Ludfordian leintwardinensis graptolite Event and the Gorstian-Ludfordian boundary in Bohemia (Silurian, Czech Republic)
    Integrated stratigraphy of the Ludfordian in the Prague Synform
    Kosovopeltis lacerata n.sp., the latest species of Kosovopeltis Šnajdr in the Silurian from the Prague basin (upper Kopanina Formation, Ludlow, Ludfordian)
    Late Ludfordian and early Přidoli monograptids from the Polish Lowland
    An occurrence of Ceratiocaris papilio Salter in Murvhison, 1959 (Crustacea, Phyllocarida) in the lower Ludfordian (Silurian) of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    An unusual occurrence of the Laurentian phyllocarid crustacean Ceratiocaris papilio Salter in the lower Ludfordian (Silurian) of Bohemia (peri-Gondwana)