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    On the definition of Raman spectroscopic detection limits for the analysis of biomarkers in solid matrices
    Optimizing Conditions for Ultrasound Extraction of Fullerenes from Coal Matrices
    Polyimide matrices for carbon-carbon composites with turbostratic structure
    Preconditioners for Some Matrices of Two-by-Two Block Form, with Applications, I
    Problem of hydroxyapatite dispersion in polymer matrices: A review
    Raman microspectrometric investigation of urea in calcite and gypsum powder matrices
    Raman spectroscopic identification of phthalic and mellitic acids in mineral matrices
    Response to Comment on Preconditioning of matrices partitioned in 2 2 block form: Eigenvalue estimates and Schwarz DD for mixed FEM
    Strength, elasticity and failure of composites with pyrolyzed matrices based on polymethylsiloxane resins with optimized ratio of D and T components
    Vanadium determination in chloride matrices using ICP-MS: finding optimum collision/reaction cell parameters for suppresing polyatomic interferences