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    Metalliferous black shales : excursion guide
    Metallogenesis of Carbonaceous Formations of Czechoslovakia (1. National Working Seminar). Metalliferous Black Shales - Project IGCP No. 254. [MS]
    Newsletters 2 of the IGCP Project 254 "Metalliferous black shales"
    Newsletters 3 of the IGCP Project 254 "Metalliferous black shales"
    Anoxic Depositional Environment, Metalliferous Black Shales and Marine Transgressions
    Are the granites of the Aue-Schwarzenberg Zone (Erzgebirge, Germany) a major source for metalliferous ore deposits? A geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic, and geochronological study
    Metalliferous black shales - IGCP activities in 1989
    No. 254 - Metalliferous black shales (1987-1991, O.E.T. in 1992)
    Proterozoic and Paleozoic Metalliferous Events In the Geodynamic Evolution of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)