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    39Ar/40Ar single- und multi-grain ages of detrial white mica from the Silesian Culm basin (Czech Republic)
    40Ar/39Ar-dating of detrital white mica from sandstones in the Moravo-Silesian basin, Czech Republic
    Ba in mica from Kammerbühl and Eisenbühl
    Ca-Al mica margarite - its occurrences and metamorphic significance in mica schists from the Kutná Hora Crystalline Complex
    Coexisting biotite and muscovite: an example from a Moinian mica schist at Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands
    Continuous transition of phases in mica crystals from cenozoic tuffs of the Doupovské hory Mts., Bohemia
    Early Carboniferous Rb - Sr mica - whole rock ages of phases of medium- and low-pressure metamorphism in the Saxothuringian zone, western Bohemia
    Early Carboniferous Rb-Sr mica - whole-rock ages of phases of medium- and low-pressure metamorphism in the saxothuringian zone, western Bohemia
    Geochronology of the crystalline basement of the Western Outer Carpathians' source areas - constraints from K/Ar dating of mica and Th-U-Pb chemical dating of monazite from the crystalline 'exotic' pebbles
    Locality No.2 - Nedvědice : Leucocratic orthogneiss, mica schist layers and fluorite-dominant layer with abundant tourmaline - Tourmaline minerals: schorl, dravite
    Locality No.5 - Pernštejn near Nedvědice : Metamorphosed tourmaline in mica schists - Tourmaline minerals: dravite, schorl
    Mica phases suistable for fixation of radionuclides of cesium and rubidium
    Mineral nomenclature in the mica group: the promise and the reality
    Mineralogy of dark mica from the Wiborg rapakivi batholith, southeastern Finland
    P-T-d Evolution of Marbles and Mica Schists in the Krowiarki Range, the Lądek-Snieznik Metamorphic Unit, West Sudetes
    Petrofabric analysis and anisotropy of physical properties of mica schist
    Rb-Sr mica geochronology of a ductile shear zone in the Orlica-Snieznik dome (West Sudetes, Poland). Referate der Vorträge und Poster, 78. Jahrestagung der deutschen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft vom 24. bis 29. September 2000 in Heidelberg
    REE, U, Th and K geochemistry of the mica schists (the Kohút crystalline complex, the Western Carpathians)
    Sediment Dispersal in the Moravian-Silesian Culm Based on Garnet geochemistry and Mica Dating
    Sediment Dispersal in the Moravian-Silesian Culm Based on Garnet Geochemistry and Mica Dating
    Transitional phases of mica crystals volcanic materials
    White mica 40Ar/39Ar ages of Erzgebirge metamorphic rocks: simulating the chronological results by a model Variscan crustal imbrication
    Zoned garnets and their equilibria in mica schists and gneisses of Kohút crystalline complex, Hnúšťa region, Western Carpathians