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    Development of a method in situ identification and mathematical modeling of flow and geochemical interaction in fractured environment of compact rocks
    Global and regional scale modeling of dynamic processes in the Earth's mantle
    Magmatic fabric development and overprints in granites: quantitative analysis and analogue modeling
    Modeling Sequential Biosphere Systems under Climate Change for Radioactive Waste Disposal. Consolidation of Needs of the European Waste Management Agencies and the Regulator of the Consortium
    Ternary feldspar equilibria and thermodynamic modeling at the granulite-eclogite facies transition
    Tree species influence on soil acidification; long-term trends and modeling
    3D heterogeneous staggered-grid finite-difference modeling of seismic motion with volume harmonic and arithmetic averaging of elastic moduli and densities
    3D Hybrid Ray-FD and DWN-FD Seismic Modeling for Simple Models Containing Complex Local Structures
    3D Modeling of an NATM Tunnel in High K0 Clay Using Two Different Constitutive Models
    Acidification and recovery modeling in four Swedish catchments with differing atmospheric deposition (Berg-Tresticklan-Tiveden-Vindeln)
    Acidification and recovery of soil at a heavily impacted forest catchment (Lysina, Czech Republic)-SAFE modeling and field results
    Ambiguous moment tensors and radiation patterns in anisotropic media with applications to the modeling of earthquake mechanisms in W-Bohemia
    Analogue modeling of AMS development during emplacement of shallow level volcanic bodies (extrusive domes and laccoliths)
    Application of geochemical speciation computer modeling to a laboratory leaching of slag from one smelting site in the Czech Republic.
    Application of multicomponent diffusion modeling to garnets in polymetamorphic rocks from the Eastern Alps
    Behavior of arsenic and geochemical modeling of arsenic enrichment in aqueous environments
    Chemistry and modeling of the response of a small stream to a shortterm in-stream acidification
    A comparative Pc1 case study applying two modes of ionospheric Alfvén resonator modeling
    Constraints on the maximum crustal density from gravity-topography modeling: Applications to the southern highlands of Mars
    Contact metamorphism of Silurian black shales by a basalt sill: geological evidence and thermal modeling in the Barrandian Basin
    Direct modeling of the gravitational field using harmonic series
    Distributed modeling of hydrologic patterns at small forested catchment
    Duration of Eo-Alpine metamorphic events obtained from multi-component diffusion modeling of garnet: A case study from the Eastern Alps
    Duration of Eo-Alpine metamorphic events obtained from multicomponent diffusion modeling of garnet: A case study from the Eastern Alps
    Emplacement dynamics of phonolite magma into maar-diatreme structures - Correlation of field, thermal modeling and AMS analogue modeling data
    Environmental-geochemical surveying and atmospheric modeling of dust fallout from tailings dam in the Rosh Pinah area, Namibia
    Example of modeling of the mining induced seismicity impact on the building using numerical system Plaxis
    Experimental study and mathematical modeling of Cs(I) and Sr(II) sorption on bentonite as barrier material in deep geological repository
    The fabric development and mode of flow in highly crystalline lava extrusions - combined field evidence and AMS analogue modeling data
    Flow and fabric development in dykes: studied by means of AMS analogue and numerical modeling
    Fluid overpressure in respect to sedimentation rate and hydrocarbon generation under high and low heat flow conditions : comparative modeling study in the South Caspian, Transcarpathian and Vienna Basins
    Geothermal modeling along a two-dimensional crustal profile in Southern Portugal
    Groudwater pollution modeling within the Middle Turonian aquifer near Mimoň water supply area, Northern Bohemia
    Influence of organic acid site density on pH modeling of Swedish lakes
    Interpretation and mathematical modeling of temporal changes of temperature observed in borehole Yaxcopoil-1 within the Chicxulub impact structure, Mexico
    Landslide susceptibility modeling : a case study on Fruška gora mountain, Serbia
    Long-term modeling of acidification and recovery in an upland catchment of the Western Ore Mountains, SE Germany
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: Microstructures, crystallization modeling and possible lunar source areas
    MAGIC modeling of long-term lake water and soil chemistry at Abborrtrasket, Northern Sweden
    MAGIC modeling of long-term lake water and soil chemistry at Abborrtrasket, Northern Sweden
    A magnetotelluric profile across the German Deep Drilling Project (KTB) area: Two- and three-dimensional modeling results
    Mathematical Modeling of Tidal Effects in Groundwater
    Matrix pseudospectral method for elastic tides modeling of planetary bodies
    Metalurgical slag/water interaction: experimental approach, thermodynamic modeling and long-term assessment
    Microseismic signatures of hydraulic fracture growth in sediment formations: Observations and modeling
    Modeling and monitoring of long-term acidification in an upland catchment of the Western Ore Mountains, SE Germany
    Modeling anticipated climate change impact on biogeochemical cycles of an acidified headwater catchment
    Modeling forecast of acidification and recovery in the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    Modeling long-term streamwater and soil chemistry using a decade of data from one of Sweden's intensively monitored small catchments in Halland
    Modeling long-term streamwater chemistry in the Berg catchment, southwestern Sweden
    Modeling of long-term water and soil changes in three geochemically contrasting monolithological Czech catchments
    Modeling of seismic waves in 3-D laterally varying, layere disotropic and anisotropic structures. Program package ANRAY
    Modeling of soil degradation in the Czech critical zone observatories
    Modeling of soil transformations in the Czech Critical Zone Observatory
    Modeling of the long-term effect of tree species (Norway spruce and European beech) on soil acidification in the Ore Mountains
    Modeling of the water flow and the contaminant transport in the soil profile of the Předměřice region
    Modeling of tree species influence on long-term soil acidification (Načetín, Ore Mts., Czech Republic)
    Modeling of tree species influence on long-term soil acidification (Načetín, Ore Mts., Czech Republic)
    Modeling of vibration effect within small distances
    Modeling temperature profiles considering the latent heat of physical-chemical reactions in permafrost and gas hydrates: The Mackenzie Delta terrestrial case
    Modeling the feasibility of gas-water or gas-oil contact control by microgravity monitoring during enhanced oil recovery
    Modeling the response of planktonic foraminifera to changes in temperature
    Modeling THM processes in rocks with the aid of parallel computing
    Monitoring and modeling of long-term changes in streamwater chemistry in two small catchments with contrasting vulnerability to acidification
    Multicomponent diffusion modeling of garnet: a tool to estimate burial and exhumation rate of metamorphic complexes
    Multiple magmatic fabrics in episodically emplaced granites intranstensional setting: tectonic model based on AMS study and numerical modeling
    The nature of radiohaloes in biotite: Experimental studies and modeling
    A new approach to modeling perpendicular fabrics in porphyritic plutonic rocks using the finite element method
    Parametric study of geotechnical problems by the coupled modeling method
    Petroleum inclusions in the Barrandian Palaeozoic basin, Czech Republic: P, T, X modeling
    Random variability or spatial pattern? Modeling drainage water sulfate dynamics of two watersheds based on flowpath length distribution analysis
    Rapid accretion and differentiation of iron meteorite parent bodies inferred from 182Hf-182W chronometry and thermal modeling
    Rate of weathering estimated from monitoring of small catchments and PROFILE modeling
    Record of sea-level change in hemipelagic strata: insights from 2D numerical modeling
    Seismic wave modeling by the ray method with the first order additional terms
    Seismic wave modeling by the ray method with the first order additional terms
    Shape of scoria cones on Mars: Insights from numerical modeling of ballistic pathways
    Software for modeling the magnetic anisotropy of strained rocks
    Spectroscopy as a tool for geochemical modeling
    Stability of tunnel heading using coupled modeling
    Streamwater recovery from acidification in the Black triangle. 3) Modeling of long-term changes in two small catchments with contrasting vulnerability
    Study of rock matrix properties in Melechov granite massif using in-situ dye experiment and mathematical modeling
    A technique for numerical modeling of magnetic anisotropy to strain relationship
    Tensile earthquakes: Theory, modeling and inversion
    Thermo-mechanical modeling of late-orogenic processes at lithospheric scale - a study from the Variscan orogen in Central Europe
    Thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal mineral-fluid equilibria in the system Si-Al-Fe-Mg-Ca-Na-K-H-O-Cl at elevated temperatures and pressures: Implications for hydrothermal mass transfer in granitic rocks
    To crustal deformation modeling of the West Bohemia swarm area, Central Europe. Reply to the open letter
    Validation of modeling team solution and matrix porosity of granitic rocks
    Validation of modeling team solution and matrix porosity of granitic rocks