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    Ancient life and modern approaches. Abstracts of the Second International Palaeontological Congress
    Géologie de la France(Geology of France and surrounding areas): Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: a modern view on orogenic research, special meeting of French and Czech Geological Societies, 13-15th September 2007, Orléans, France
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Modern Science. Proceedings of the 14th WSEAS International Conference on Mathematical Methods, Computational Techniques and Intelligent Systems (MAMECTIS ´12)
    Modern Developments in Geomechanics
    Modern electroanalytical Methods. An International Conference to Mark the 40th Anniversary of the Award of the Nobel Prize to Professor Jaroslav Heyrovský. Book of Abstracts
    Modern nature use and anthropogenic processes
    Modern Techniques and Technologies in Mining. Proceedings
    Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization. Proceedings of the World Forum - International Congress
    Natural Cataclysms and Global problems of the Modern Civilization, special edition of Transactions of the International Academy of Science H&E
    Proceedings of the 5th International Student Conference Modern Analytical Chemistry
    The Second International Palaeontological Congress, Beijing, China 2006. Ancient Life and Modern Approaches
    SGEM 2008. International Scientfic Conference /8./. Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection
    SGEM 2009: 9TH International multidisciplinary scientific geoconference, vol 1, Conference proceedings - Modern management of mine producing, geology and environmental protection
    SGEM 2009. International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference /9./ - Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection. Conference Proceedings
    Symposium Role of Modern Geodesy in Armed Forces
    Teschler-Nicola Maria (Ed.): Early Modern Humans at the Moravian Gate. The Mladeč caves and their Remains
    Depositional rates and dating techniques of modern deposits in the Brno reservoir (Czech Republic) during the last 70 years
    Diversity of vegetation types and modern pollen spectra in the Western Sayan Mts., southern Siberia
    Early Ordovician of the Baltic Region: A birthplace of modern bioerosion and complex ichnofabrics?
    Flood deposits in a modern oxbow lake (Czech Republic): Sedimentary archive of 25-year old river contamination
    Grain size, geochemistry and organic pollutants in modern fluvial deposits in eastern Moravia (Czech Republic)
    How old maps are used to investigate modern environmental issues in the Czech Republic
    How the modern oil and gas industry was born: historical remarks : abstract
    Ichnofabric of the Holocene and modern floodplain deposits, Czech Republic
    Interpretation of the last-glacial vegetation of eastern-central Europe using modern analogues from southern Siberia
    Macroremains of cultural and wild plants from early medieval to early modern archaeological situations in the centre of Prague - areas of Pražský hrad (Prague castle) and of Malá Strana (Lesser Town)
    Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: A modern view on orogenic research : special meeting of French and Czech Geological Societies, dedicated to Philippe Matte, September 13-15th 2007, Orléans
    Mechanics of Variscan orogeny: A modern view on orogenic research
    The Mermia Ichnofacies across the fossilization barrier: a comparison of the Permian Krkonoše Piedmont Basin (Czech Republic) and modern flood sediments at Prague
    Modern and Fossil Traces in Terrestrial Lithic Substrates
    Modern and Palaeozoic iron ooids - a similar volcanic origin
    Modern fluvial sediment provenance and pollutant tracing: a case study from the Dřevnice River Basin (eastern Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Modern fluvial sediment provenance and pollutant tracing: a case study from the Dřevnice River Basin (eastern Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Modern long-range atmospheric dust transport over the Czech Republic - the case of North African dust load in spring 2014
    Modern use of historical maps for the landscape rehabilitation in the Czech Republic
    Observation of subsidence depression by modern geodetic methods
    Prof. Dr. František Němejc, DrSc. : corresponding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences : founder of the modern Czech and Slovak palaeobotanical school
    The Protective Effect of Lichens and the origin of Modern Bulge-Like Traces on Weakly Lithified Sandstones (Hilbre Islands, WirraL Peninsula, Great Britain)
    Proto-Geological Map dated 1806 by Stanislaw Staszic and its role in the early 19th century process of modern geological map contexture
    Provenance study as a tool for evaluation of natural and anthropogenic origin of heavy metals in modern fluvial sediments
    The role of clay minerals in weathering process of building stones (agressive atmosphere of modern urban agglomerations)
    Silicified wood from the Permocarboniferous of Eastern Bohemia, its preservation and mode of fossilization - application of modern instrumental analytical methods
    The sludge beds of the plant RD Horni Benesov 15 years after the finishing of modern mining
    The synecology of modern insect terrestrial bioerosion, Czech Republic
    Tracing historical record of river contamination in deposits of modern oxbow lake; River Morava (Danube Catchment), Czech Republic
    Tracing shifts in dispersal syndromes: fruit ecology in modern vegetation and Paleogene/Neogene plant assemblages
    The Use of Geo-information and Modern Visualization Tools for Risk Communication
    Zinc partitioning between glass and silicate phase in historical and modern lead-zinc metallurgical slags from the Příbram district, Czech Republic
    Reviews of Modern Physics