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    Break-up of modulated water jets: CFD simulation and experiment
    Concrete and rock cutting using modulated waterjets
    Interpretation of selected structures of the bismuthinite - aikinite series as commensurately modulated structures
    Measurement of dynamic pressure and force effects of modulated water jet
    Measurement of force effects of modulated jet
    Measurement of selected parameters of modulated high-speed water jet
    Modulated jets for ornamental stone cutting
    Modulated vs. continuous jets: Performance comparison
    Possibilities of utilization of modulated jets in rock cutting
    Potential of ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets for Cutting of Metals
    Quality of bottom surface of kerfs produced by modulated jets
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed jets: basic study
    Ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets: Effect of Frequency on Performance
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed water jets: Effect of frequency on performance