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    2-D interpretation of Minamikayabe MT data set by the controlled random search technique
    Bayesian Monte Carlo for MT tensor decomposition
    The Carboniferous - Permian basins of Central and Western Bohemia, the Krkonoše Mt. foreland and the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : part I
    Comparison between pollutant concentration in the samples of fog and rime water collected at Mt. Milešovka
    Comparison of pollutant concentrations in solid and liquid deposited precipitations at the Milesovka Mt
    Delimitation of prehistoric rock fall from Huascaran Mt., Peru
    Dynamics of rockfall on the western slope of Smrk Mt. (the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts.)
    Early cretaceous phylocrinids (crinoidea, cyrtocrinida) in the Manín unit (Mt. Butkov, middle Váh valley, central west Carpathians)
    Flowstone-like calcite in the andesite of Jarmuta Mt. - dating the Holocene tectonic activity in the vicinity of Szczawnica (Magura Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Poland)
    Geomorphological inventory of rock landforms on Mt. Kamenec in the Novohradské hory Mts. (the Czech Republic)
    Geomorphology of the Mt. Smrk area in the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts. (Czech Republic)
    Hauterivian radiolarian association from the Lúčkovská Formation, Manín Unit (Mt. Butkov, Western Carpathians)
    Lithological, biofacial and geochemical characterization of the lower cretaceous pelagic carbonate sequence of mt. Butkov (Manín unit, western Carpathians)
    The lower Cretaceous Ammonites of the Manín unit (Mt. Butkov, west Carpathians)
    MEPL2 - interactive-batch tool for full seismic MT plotting
    MT and MV measurements in SW Bohemia
    Mt. Králický Sněžník (Czech Republic): landforms and problem of Pleistocene glaciation
    Numerical modelling of MT fields in 2-D anisotropic structures with topography and bathymetry considered
    The porphyry ore deposit with Au-Cu-W mineralization on the Petráčkova hora Mt. near Vacíkov
    Report on a recent deep-seated landslide at Gírová Mt., Czech Republic, triggered by a heavy rainfall: The Gírová Mt., Outer West Carpathians; Czech Republic
    The Ressen Formation of 'Schleifsteinbruch' on Mt. Ressen and Asterbach (Gossau, Upper Austria)
    The Ressen Formation of Schleifsteinbruch on Mt. Tessen and Asterbach (Gosau, Upper Austria)
    Short 2004 MT profile in the vicinity of TESZ
    Synoptic situations and pollutant concentrations in fog water samples from the Milešovka Mt.
    A tephra ash from the Alaskan Mt. Redoubt 4 April 2009 eruption reached Prague in twelve days
    Unusual occurrence of smectite within the Karkonosze granite in Biały Jar near Mt. Śnieżka