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    Chapter 6: Nonlinear Science issues in the dynamics of unstable rock slopes: New tools for rock fall risk assessment and early warnings
    Complex nonlinear model of cable stayed bridges
    Generalized nonlinear models of suspension bridges
    Influence of nonlinear processes in seismic foci on released energy
    Linear and nonlinear attributes of ultrasonic time series recorded from experimentally loaded rock samples and total failure prediction
    Longitudinal waves of a finite amplitude in nonlinear elastic media
    Nonlinear assessment of time series from rock slope monitoring
    Nonlinear character of ion cyclotron waves (Pc1 pulsations) with a spreading dynamical spectrum
    Nonlinear electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves
    Nonlinear models of suspension bridges
    Nonlinear oscillations and instability in cable stayed bridges
    Parallel algorithm of trigonometric collocation method in nonlinear dynamics of rotors
    Robust solver of a system of nonlinear equations
    Solution of large nonlinear systems in elastoplastic incremental analysis
    Solution of the 1.2/2-D Inverse Gravity Problem Using Different Nonlinear Iterative Formulas
    Some applications of nonlinear dynamics in rock fall risk assessment and early warning
    Differential Equations & Nonlinear Mechanics
    Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications
    Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications
    Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics