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    Czebreszuk, J. - Szmyt M. (eds.), The Northeast Frontier of Bell Beakers
    Forest Vegetation of Northeast Asia
    Basic Geomorphological and Geological Characteristics of Northeast Asia: In. Forest Vegetation of Northeast Asia (KOLBEK, J., ŠRUTEK, M., et BOX, O. E., eds.)
    Basic Geomorphological and Geological Characteristics of Northeast Asia
    Early Devonian polygnathids of Northeast Asia and correlation of Pragian/Emsian strata of the marginal seas of Angarida
    Geological Setting of Uranium Mineralization in the Oberpfalz basement, Northeast Bavaria/F.R.G
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 001: An anorthositic regolith breccia with mixed highland/mare components
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: A new lunar mare basalt
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: Microstructures, crystallization modeling and possible lunar source areas
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 003-B: A new lunar mare basaltic breccia
    Middle Cambrian gogiid echinoderms from Northeast Spain: Taxonomy, palaeoecology, and palaeogeographic implications
    Petrology, geochemistry, and age of low-Ti mare-basalt meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: A possible member of the Apollo 15 mare basaltic suite
    Postcollisional high-grade metamorphism, orogenic collapse, and differential cooling of teh East African Orogen of northeast Mozambique
    Seasonal and inter-annual variation of Beryllium-7 deposition in birch-tree leaves and grass in the northeast upland area of the Czech Republic
    Slope Processes in Surroundings of Nové Město nad Metují (Northeast Bohemia)
    Terranes and terrane boundaries in the Sudetes, northeast Bohemian Massif