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    A Comparison of Postsedimentary Processes Occurring in Paleozoic Reef Limestones in the Elbingerode Complex (GDR), Moravicum (ČSSR) and Ural Foredeep (USSR)
    Feeding Strategies of Trilobites Occurring in the Kraluv Dvur Formation (Upper Ordovician, Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
    Moment tensor inversion for two micro-earthquakes occurring inside the Haje gas storage facilities, Czech Republic
    Naturally occurring germanium compounds, GeSnS3 and GeO2 from Radvanice, Eastern Bohemia
    New naturally occurring mineral phases from the Krásno - Horní Slavkov area, western Bohemia, Czech Republic
    New naturally occurring phases of secondary origin from Jáchymov (Joachimsthal)
    Present microearthquakes activity occurring in Silesia and northern Moravia
    Simultaneous analysis of cytokines and co-stimulatory molecules concentrations by ELISA technique and of probabilities of measurable concentrations of interleukins occurring in plasma of healthy blood donors