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    AAPG and AAPG European Region Energy Conference and Exhibition, Official Programme and Abstract Volume
    AAPG European Region Conference with GSA : October 10-13, 2004 Prague : official program & abstract book : regional geology and hydrocarbon systems of European and Russian basins: looking for sweet spots
    AAPG European Region Conference with GSA : official program and abstract book
    AAPG European region Conference with GSA, Ocrober 10-13, 2004, Official Program&Abstract Book
    Official Business Meeting and Field excursion of the Subcommission on Ordovician Stratigraphy. International Commission on Stratigraphy
    Official Program of the 1999 AAPG Annual Convention
    Meteorological and hydrological extremes in the Dietrichstein domains of Dolní Kounice and Mikulov between 1650 and 1849 according to official economic records of natural disasters