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    Acceptable means for the creation of financial reserve for reutilization of the landscape post opencast mining
    Analysis of seismic events induced by blasting operations in the opencast mine
    Damage caused by opencast and underground coal mining
    Deltaic deposits in the North Brown Coal Basin and their documentation in the Bílina opencast mine
    Plant assemblages from the hanging wall sequence of the opencast mine Oberdorf N Voitsberg, Styria (Austria, Early Miocene, Ottnangian)
    Protection of thermal springs in a region of brown - coal opencast mining
    Stability of opencast bottom: its determination on models from equivalent materials
    Upper Cretaceous sharks and rays from the Prokop opencast mine at Březina near Moravská Třebová
    Vertebrates from the Early Miocene lignite deposits of the opencast mine Oberdorf (Western Styrian basin, Austria): 4. Aves