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    Bohemian Ordovician Ostracodes with relations to Britain
    Bohemian Ostracodes from Dobrotivá Formation (Ordoviciand) and their relation to Baltoscandian and Armorican faunas
    Contribution to the knowledge of deep-water (psychrospheric) ostracodes in Miocene sediments of the Paratethys
    Freshwater Ostracodes from the Lower Miocene of Tuchořice (Bohemia, Czechoslovakia)
    Lower lias Ostracodes of the Tatra Mts. (west Carpathians)
    New Ostracodes from the lower Devonian of Bolivia
    New Ostracodes from the Lower Permian of Bolivia
    Ordovician (Dobrotivá Formation) ostracodes and trilobites from Ejpovice (Bohemia) and their relations to faunas of northern and western Europe
    Ostracodes from the Dobrotivá Formation (Ordovician, Bohemia)
    Ostracodes from the Letná Formation (Ordovician) of Blýskava (Bohemia)
    Ostracodes from the Ordovician and Silurian of Bolivia
    Ostracodes from the Silurian of Central Bohemia
    Ostracodes swallowed by Palaeozoic corals?
    Ostracodes swallowed by Palaeozoic corals?
    Palaeoecological preferences and geographical distribution of Late Maastrichtian deep-sea ostracodes in the South Atlantic
    Several new ostracodes from the Lower Devonian of Central Bohemia
    Some new Ostracodes from the Kopanina and Zlíchov formations (Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian) of Bohemia, Czechoslovakia