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    Acid rock drainage and pyrite oxidation rate in waste rock pile at the Mine Doyon site, Québec, Canada
    Analysis of the factors affecting natural oxidation of coal matter
    Arsenic(III) inhibits more metabolic steps of iron(II) oxidation system in Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
    Binary indicators of thermal oxidation of Ostrava-Karviná District coal
    Continuous monitoring of the oxidation of algal- and humic-type kerogen in a heated FTIR flow cell
    Continuous monitoring of the oxidation of different types of organic matter in a heated (190°C) FTIR flow cell
    Determination of emission and oxidation factors in monitoring CO2 emissions for emission trading scheme
    Diffuse reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in the analysis of coal oxidation
    Diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopic study of coal oxidation
    The effect of K2CO3 on thermal oxidation of cokes and carbonaceous materials
    Effect of oxidation at elevated temperature on elastic and interface properties of ceramic matrix composites
    Effects of Iron Oxidation State and Organic Cations on Dioctahedral Smectite Hydration
    Electrochemical study of inorganic and bacterial pyrite oxidation mechanism
    Evidence of oxidation of the Kupferschiefer in the Lubin-Sieroszowice deposit, Poland: implications for Cu-Ag, and Au-Pt-Pd mineralisation
    The influence of a secondary heat treatment on mechanical and oxidation properties of unidirectional carbon/carbon and carbon/furfural-siloxane composites
    Influence of protecting gel film on oxidation of zirconium alloys
    Investigation of low-temperature oxidation of brown coal by electron paramagnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy
    Low-temperature magnetism of alabandite: Crucial role of surface oxidation
    Marcasite oxidation in low-temperature acidic (pH 3.0) solutions: Mechanism and rate laws
    Materials resistant to temperature and oxidation on the basis of pyrolyzed polysiloxanes
    Nanometer-scale measurements of iron oxidation states of cronstedtite from primitive meteorites
    Oxidation behavior of carbon/carbon composites impregnated with silica and silicon oxycarbide
    Oxidation behaviour and mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites with methylphenylsiloxane-based matrix and pyrolytic carbon coating
    Oxidation of As-bearing gold ore-a comparison of batch and column experiments
    Oxidation of the arsenic-rich concentrate at the Přebuz abandoned mine (Erzgebirge Mts., CZ): mineralogican evolution
    Oxidation of the Kupferschiefer in the Lubin-Sieroszowice deposit, SW Poland: Evidence from petrographic and geochemical studies
    Oxidation of UD carbon/carbon composites - effect of matrix precursor and additives
    Oxidation state and coordination of Fe in minerals: An Fe K-XANES spectroscopic study
    Pore Texture and its Relation to Low Temperature Oxidation of North Bohemia Coals
    Schädigung durch Oxidation von Faser - verstärkten Verbundwerkstoffen mit keramischer Matrix bei hohen Temperaturen
    Steady states establishment during pyrite oxidation
    Structural characterization and thermal oxidation resistance of silicon oxycarbides produced by polysiloxane pyrolysis
    Thermal behaviour of pyrope at 1000 and 1100 degrees C: mechanism of Fe2+ oxidation and decomposition model
    Thermoanalytical Study of the oxidation (Burning Profile) of Coals from the Ostrava-Karviná Mining District (OKD)
    Weathering Rate of Fossil Organic Substance in Waste Dumps of Coal Mines and Large Construction Works and the Effect of Oxidation Products on Soil Properties of Dumping Grounds
    Weathering rate of fossil organic substance in waste dumps of coal mines and large construction works and the effect of oxidation products on soil properties of dumping grounds