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    Alternative methods for RQD parameter determination
    Bullen's parameter "éta": a link between seismology and geodynamical modelling
    Convection in rotating non-uniformly stratified spherical fluid shells: a systematic parameter study
    Generalized right dihedra method: dependence on Lode parameter
    Genetic algorithms in seismic source parameter retrieval
    Improvement of Parameter Identification Procedures for Large Numerical Models
    Inverse problems in source parameter retrieval
    Measurement of radon exhalation rate from the ground surface: can the parameter be used for determination of radon potential of soils?
    Parameter and kinematic processes of spreading of mountain ridges
    Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic and thermal property functions for unsaturated porous media using the HYDRUS-2D code
    Transfer factor: can the parameter be used to predict the indoor radon concentration in an individual house?
    Die Vergleichung der kristallchemischen Parameter der Fe-L i Glimmer aus den Lokalitäten Cínovec, Vysoký Kámen und de== s Biotits aus dem Mittelböhmischen Pluton