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    An expanded non-Arrhenian model for silicate melt viscosity : a treatment for metaluminous, peraluminous and peralkaline liquids
    Mineral chemistry and genesis of Zr, Th, U, Nb, Pb, P, Ce and F enriched peralkaline granites of El-Sibai shear zone, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
    Mineralogy and petrogenesis of a Ba-Ti-Zr-rich peralkaline dyke from Ć ebkovice (Czech Republic): Recognition of the most lamproitic Variscan intrusion
    Peraluminous Whole-Rock Chemistry versus Peralkaline Mineralogy of Highly Fractionated, Garnet-bearing Granites from the Brno Batholith
    The transition from peraluminous to peralkaline granitic melts : evidence from melt inclusions and accessory minerals