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    The early tectonometamorphic evolution of the southern zone of Erbendorf-Vohenstrauss (ZEV, NW-Bohemian Massif, Bavaria) inferred from geochemical, radiometric, petrologic and structural characteristics
    Geochemical and petrologic investigation of the Blanice or thogneiss body
    Geological and Petrologic Models of the Earth's Crust Beneath Czechoslovakia
    Mean thermal expansion coefficiens of diopside and enstatite cell parameters and their petrologic significance
    Petrologic recognition of coal seams of the Lower Silesian Coal Basin
    Petrologic study of some brown coals of Chukotka and comparison with the coals of the North Bohemian brown coal basin
    Significance of magma mixing in the genesis of early Hercynian calc-alkaline granitoids - integrated petrologic and geochemical study from western part of the S├ízava intrusion, Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic