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    Excursion Guide B3CZ, A3CZ The Most Interesting Karstological Phenomena of Moravia
    New Phenomena in Ground Motion, Earthquake Hazard and Risk Evaluation
    Proceedings of the 31st Annual Seminar "Physics of Auroral Phenomena"
    Risk Caused by the Geodynamic Phenomena in Europe
    Seismic Processesand Associated Phenomena in West Bohemia and in the Vogtland
    Algorithms for parallel FEM modelling of thermo-mechanical phenomena arising from the disposal of the spent nuclear fuel
    Association between extraterrestrial phenomena and weather changes in the Northern Hemisphere in winter
    Changes of gravity in relation to other geodynamic phenomena in Western Bohemia
    Complex twinning, polytypism and disorder phenomena in the crystal structures of antimonpearceite and arsenpolybasite
    Contribution to the study of problems of gas-dynamic phenomena at pit sinking in the Slaný Mine
    Control of Cenozoic intra-plate volcanic phenomena by healed boundaries of ancient micro-continents distinguished by different orientations of seismic anisotropy of mantle lithosphere
    Cryogene Phenomena and Landforms in the Western Part of the Putorana Plateau (Russia)
    Earthquake Activity of the Bohemian Massif and Its Relation to Recent Geodynamic Phenomena
    Earthquake swarms and accompanying phenomena in intraplate regions. A review
    Earthquake swarms and accompanying phenomena in intraplate regions: a review
    Eger Rift ICDP: an observatory for study of non-volcanic, mid-crustal earthquake swarms and accompanying phenomena
    Eolian phenomena in sandstones and limestones of Egyptian Western Desert and their implications for Central European sandstone relief
    Evaluation of the geological phenomena threatening historical heritage structures in the Czech Republic dominating the landscape scenery
    Evaluation of the geological phenomena threatening historical heritage structures in the Czech Republic dominating the landscape scenery
    Failure of weak to strong sandstones: monitoring and observation of fracture phenomena
    Geodynamic movements detected by the GPS technology and supported by the earthquake occurrences, remote sensing and other phenomena. A study case for the Moravo- Silesian part of the BohemianMassif
    Geodynamical phenomena of selected territories in the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise
    Geotectonic and structural phenomena in Western Bohemia and their manifestation in electrical conductivity data
    Glass melting phenomena, their ordering and melting space utilisation
    Historical analysis of the time distribution of the seismic phenomena in the NW Bohemia
    In-situ measurement of oscillation phenomena in gravity-driven drainage
    Investigation of induced seismic phenomena in the bituminous coal Kladno district
    Investigations of Induced Seismic Phenomena in the Bituminous-Coal Kladno District
    Karst Phenomena in the Coastal Area of Northwestern Syria
    Karst phenomena in the Rychlebské Mts and their tectonic setting (Czech Republic)
    Karst phenomena in the Rychlebské Mts. and their tectonic setting (Czech Republic)
    Karst Phenomena in the Rychlebské Mts. (Czech Republic) and their tectonic setting
    Karst structures and related phenomena revealed in the underground quarries of the Maastricht - Riemst region (thr Netherlands - Belgium)
    Large-scale modelling of T-M phenomena from underground deposition of the spent nuclear fuel
    Material Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Investigation by Means Accompanying Physical Phenomena
    Microgravimetric investigations of geomechanical phenomena and processes
    Microgravimetric surveys applied to location and monitoring of anomalous geoengineering phenomena
    Monitoring and documentation of flaking-off phenomena in the historical Jeroným Mine
    Monitoring of various geodynamic phenomena by repeated measurements of gravity
    Research of geodynamic phenomena in the vicinity of Obří hrad, Šumava Mts
    Responses of the basic cycles of 178.7 and 2402 yr in solar-terrestrial phenomena during the Holocene
    Seismic Phenomena Induced by Mining
    Seismic Phenomena Induced by Mining
    Seismic phenomena induced by mining
    Shock-induced phenomena in limestones in the quarry near Ronheim, the Ries Crater, Germany
    Significance of the shear planes for identification of the solifluction phenomena
    Solar-terrestrial and climatic phenomena in relation to solar inertial motion
    Solar-terrestrial and climatic phenomena in relation to solar inertial motion
    Special issue on new phenomena in ground motion, earthquake hazard and risk evaluation - Preface
    Structure Elements of Rocks and Energy-Frequency Distribution of Seismic Phenomena
    Structure elements of Rocks and energy-frequency distribution of seismic phenomena
    Surface structure of micro-diamond from ultrahigh-pressure felsic granulite, Bohemian Massif: AFM study of growth and resorption phenomena
    Type analysis of seismological phenomena in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field registered at the regional diagnostic polygon Ostrava
    Weak seismic phenomena localized in northwest Bohemia in 1982
    The Železné hory mountains in Central Eastern Bohemia : geologic diversity, multiphase tectonics and geomorphologic phenomena formed the Protested Landscape Region