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    Perimediterranean Carbonate Platforms
    Perimediterranean carbonate platforms. Abstracts
    Bivalve ecology drives biodiversity - early rudist "reefs" on Tithonian-Berriasian carbonate platforms
    Blow Hole Cave: An unroofed cave on San Salvador Island, the Bahamas, and its importance for detection of paleokarst caves on fossil carbonate platforms
    Comparative study of Wetterstein carbonate platforms of the easternmost Northern Calcareous Alps and West Carpathian Mountains : preliminary results
    Environmental and biotic changes in subtropical isolated carbonate platforms during the Silurian Kozlowskii Event, Prague Basin
    Environmental and biotic changes of the subtropical isolated carbonate platforms during the Kozlowskii and Lau events (Prague Basin, Silurian, Ludlow)
    Geodynamics of ridges and development of carbonate platforms within the Outer Carpathian realm im Poland
    Kinematic analysis of the mutual position of the Cretaceous paleomagnetic poles of the European epi-variscan and African platforms with respect to the alpine movements in the Mediterranean Alpines