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    Changes of the pore system and the interstratification mode of the I-M layer structure weathered marlstones (historical buildings in Prague)
    Effect of lime treatment on pore size and permeability
    Elastic anisotropy and pore space geometry of schlieren granite: direct 3-D measurements at high confining pressure combined with microfabric analysis
    Insufficient pore connection of Emsian Caliapora-like corals and possible implications for phylogenetic hypotheses: case of homeomorphy or relation?
    Isotope composition of sulfate oxygen in peat bog surface waters and pore waters
    The magnetic and pore fabrics of extruded and pressed ceramic models
    Maturation of loess treated with variable lime admixture: Pore space textural evolution and related phase changes
    Methods of research and evaluation of geothermal resources in pore environment of Pannonian Basin
    Mobility of trace metals in pore waters of two Central European peat bogs
    Pore Fabrics of Ceramic Models Investigated by Magnetic Anisotropy
    Pore space geometry of the rock under investigation by ultrasonic pulse transmission
    Pore Texture and its Relation to Low Temperature Oxidation of North Bohemia Coals
    A program for magnetic susceptibility-equivalent pore conversion
    Quantitative Study of Porosity and Pore Features in Moldavites by Means of X-ray Micro-CT