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    Action of a inertinite on a coal and coke porous texture
    Biomechanical properties of porous composites based on glass and polysiloxane
    Bond forms of methane in porous system of coal
    Bond forms of methane in porous system of coal II
    A Continuum Approarch to Two-Phase Porous Media
    Development of porous structure in the preparation of glassy carbon
    Distribution of Coalbed Methane in the Porous System of Coal
    Distribution of coalbed methane in the porous system of coal
    Distribution of coalbed methane in the porous system of coal
    Elastic properties of porous oxide ceramics prepared using starch as a pore-forming agent
    Formation and transfer of stoped blocks into magma chambers: The high-temperature interplay between focused porous flow, cracking, channel flow, host-rock anisotropy, and regional deformation
    Gas permeability of porous substances
    Hydraulic functions of the bi-modal soil porous systems
    Laboratory apparatus to measure porous material permeability
    Micromorphological study of soil porous system affected by organisms and its impact on soil hydraulic properties
    Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic and thermal property functions for unsaturated porous media using the HYDRUS-2D code
    Porous composite materials with polyamide reinforcement and siloxane matrix with nano-hydroxyapatite as biomaterials
    Porous composites based on siloxane resin for hard tissue replacements
    Porous microstructure of the interfacial transition zone in geopolymer composites
    Porous Structure and Transport Properties of a Carbonized Phenolic Resin
    Principles of the porous structure description of coals, carbonizates ond activates
    Reactive porous flow and formation of infiltration migmatites: microstructural and petrological approach
    Rock Mass as a porous medium: Gas filtration ability in triaxial state of stress
    Rock mass as a porous medium: gas filtration ability in triaxial state of stress
    Shock experiments in range of 10-45 GPa with small multidomain magnetite in porous targets
    Soil micromorphological study for assessment of soil porous system, soil hydraulic properties and structure stability
    Thermal Stable Porous Crystal from Montmorillonite I.Preparation and the Properties of Al and Zr Pillared Montmorillonites
    Thermophysical Properties of Hard Coals and the Relations to Coal Rank, Chemical Structure and Porous Texture
    Transport in Porous Media