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    Alternative methods for cellulose preparation for AMS measurement
    Black coal fly ash as the Si-Al matrix for the heat proof materials preparation
    Chemical preparation of vertebrates from the Lower Permian of the Boskovice Furrow
    Czech brown coals and lignites as basis for the preparation of sorbents
    Department of Mineral Preparation
    Development of porous structure in the preparation of glassy carbon
    Hydrothermal Preparation of Vanadium Zeolites
    Influence of composition and preparation conditions on some physical properties of TeO2-Sb2O3-PbCl2 glasses
    Laboratory Preparation of Sorbents from Chars
    Model Laboratory Unit for the Preparation of Chars
    Modelling the preparation conditons of glassy carbon
    Practical notes and hints in the fossil preparation
    Preparation and hydrogeological evaluation of tracer tests
    Preparation and oxygen resistance of 2D composites based on E-glass, R-glass, and siloxanes
    Preparation and power data of MHTeTeO6 tellurates, where M=Na, K and Rb
    Preparation and structural characterization of the intermediate complex [Er{H2C8H16N4(CH2COO)3(CH2(Ph)PO2)(H2O)2]2Cl2.xH2O in the reaction of Er3+ and the dota-type ligand. An interesting example of two stereoforms of a lanthanide complex
    Preparation of Alpha - Fe2O3 (Hematite) by oxydation precipitation of aqueous solutions of Iron (II) sulphate
    Preparation of Concrete Substrates for Repair by Pulsating Water Jets
    Preparation of flexible graphite from czech natural graphite
    Preparation of flexible graphite from Czech natural graphite
    Preparation of leucite-based composites
    Preparation of rock and geo-composite specimens for tensile tests by abrasive water jet
    Preparation of synthetic zeolite ZSM-5
    Preparation of waste rubber-geopolymer composite material
    Restoration of forest soils after bulldozer site preparation in the Ore Mountains over 20 years development
    Rietveld refinement of cassiterite: a caveat for meticulous sample preparation
    Silica-coated .gamma.-Fe2O3 nanoparticles: preparation and engulfment by mammalian macrophages
    Some aspects of fiber composites preparation and their transformation to C/C composites
    Some in - vitro biocompatibility tests of carbon-carbon composites and preparation of bone plates
    Theoretical basis of a new way preparation of composites of the carbon-carbon type
    Three distinct metamorphic stages for HP-HT granulites from the Moldanubian Zone of S. Bohemia but still only one zircon age despite state-of-the-art sample preparation
    Use of caustobioliths for preparation of carbon materials and waste treatment
    Use of caustobioliths for preparation of carbon materials and waste treatment
    Vermiculite interlayer as a reactor for CdS ultrafine particles preparation