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    Zircon solubility in aqueous fluids at high pressures and temperatures
    Anisotropy and texture of olivine-bearing mantle rocks at high pressures
    Application of neutron diffraction and ultrasonic methods at high pressures to study of geological samples
    Detection of abnormal fluid pressures by the CDP method in the East Slovakian Neogene Basin
    Elastic properties of rock samples under the high pressures and comparison of laboratory and sonic log measurements
    Iron-carbon interactions at high temperatures and pressures
    Melting Relations of Natural Eclogite at High Pressures : Contrasting Trends of Eclogite Fractionation
    Melting relations of Natural Garnet Pyroxenite and Eclogite at High Pressures
    Study of geological samples of deep crustal levels and upper mantle by neutron diffraction and ultrasonic methods at high pressures
    Texture and elastic anisotropy of rocks from the Kola superdeep borehole determined by neutron diffraction and ultrasonic measurements at high hydrostatic pressures and under three-axial load
    Texture controlled elastic anisotropy of amphibolites from the Kola Superdeep Borehole SG-3 at high pressures
    Thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal mineral-fluid equilibria in the system Si-Al-Fe-Mg-Ca-Na-K-H-O-Cl at elevated temperatures and pressures: Implications for hydrothermal mass transfer in granitic rocks