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    Automated preprocessing of digital seismograms - principles and software. Version 2.2
    Geochemical exploration methods : basic principles, past and future
    Geochemical exploration methods: basic principles, past and future
    Introduction: principles and methods
    Physical Principles of the Gas-Bearing and Gas-Yielding Capacity of Coal and Rocks
    Physical principles of the gas-bearing and gas-yielding capacity of coal and rocks
    Principles of cross-sections balancing based on rock mechanic solutions (An example from the Pavlov Hills, Outer Western Carpathians)
    Principles of environmental geochemistry
    Principles of magnetostratigraphy of cave sediments and application in karstology
    Principles of optimatization of mineral deposit exploration programmes
    Principles of palaeomagnetic and magnetostratigraphic methods applied to the cave sediment dating
    Principles of study of Adriatic shelf ecosystems from the viewpoint of applications in geology
    Principles of the porous structure description of coals, carbonizates ond activates
    Reclamation and Revitalization of Limestone Quarries - History and Principles
    Seisbase - principles of a program and database for routine analysis of data from local seismic networks, version 4.7
    Utilization of Some Principles of Soil Monitoring for Evaulation of Holocene Development of Soil Cover in Protected Landscape Areas
    Verified principles and presumptions of the exogenous (impact) and endogenous (cryptovolcanic, cryptoexplosion) hypotheses on the origin of astroproblemes and tektites and their validity