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    Application of the 2-D resistivity tomography, electromagnetic profiling method and soil thermometry for a remedy of the existing road endangered by the slope instability, shallow caves and other inhomogenities in the karst area
    Attenuation coefficient from amplitude and phase spectra of vertical seismic profiling
    Deep Reflection Seismic Profiling in Czechoslovakia - the ńĆESLOKORP (Czechoslovak Crustal Reflection Profiling Project)
    Deep seismic reflection profiling and crustal structure in west Bohemia
    Deep seismic reflection profiling and implications for the exhumation of HP/HT rocks in the Saxothuringian Belt
    Deep seismic reflection profiling in the South Bohemian Moldanubicum
    Ligurian ocean crustal suture beneath the West Carpathians from deep seismic reflection profiling
    Refraction and wide-angle reflection seismic profiling
    Refraction and wide-angle reflection seismic profiling