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    Achievments and prospects of Phytoremediation in Europe
    Prospects for Coal Science in the 21st Century
    Regional prosperity, the enviroment and the prospects of marginal regions
    Clay Modified Electrodes: Present Applications and Prospects
    Constraints and prospects for conodont zonation in the stratotype area of the Pragian (Prague Basin, Barrandian, Czech Republic
    Deep prospects below the Western Carpathian thrust belt: idea or reality?
    Facies development of Miocene formations in the southwestern part of the Carparthian Foredeep and its oil and gas prospects
    High-resolution magnetostratigraphy across the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary strata in the Tethyan realms: results and prospects. (Abstract)
    Hydrocarbon habitat of the Paleogene Nesvańćilka Trough, Carpathian foreland basin, Czech Republic : Peri-Tethys Memoir 2: Structure and Prospects of Alpine Basins and Forelands
    Prospects for coal use in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the 21st century
    Prospects of coal production vs. decline in coal reserves of the Czech Republic
    Prospects of geoarchaeological interpretations of medieval dwelling-houses and farm-out buildings, case study from the archaeological research in Brno, Czech Republic
    The town of Brno: functions, prospects, environment
    UNESCO's MAB and prospects of cooperation with IGCP
    The "Wind Tourism" in the Czech Republic: situation and prospects