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    Carbonate ramp environment of Kellwasser time-interval (Lesní lom, Moravia, Czechoslovakia)
    Diskuse k práci Hladil, J. et al.: Carbonate ramp environment... Bull. Soc. belge Géol., 100/1-2, 1991, 57-199.
    Landslides in fissured clays on the margin of the anthracolitic system's ramp valley
    Middle Triassic Strom-Dominated Carbonate Ramp Sedimentation in the Vysoká Nappe,Malé Karpaty Mountains
    Odpověď na recenzi Jaroslav Dvořáka (Carbonate ramp environment of Kellwasser time-interval)
    Odpověď na recenzi Jaroslava Dvořáka (Carbonate ramp environment of Kellwasser time-interval)
    Sedimentology and facies of a storm-dominated Middle Triassic carbonate ramp (Vysoká Formation, Malé Karpaty Mts., Western Carpathians)
    Spectral reflectance outcrop logging of Lower Devonian ramp carbonates, Barrandian area, Czech Republic; correlation with magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray logs