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    The Accessories in the "Black Shales" of the Siderite Deposits from the Spiško-gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Coexisting biotites and garnets of paragneisses from the Rudňany area (the Paleozoic, the Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., west Carpathians)
    Comparative mineralogical-petrographical characteristics of metagabbro from borehole KV-3 near Rohovce and of amphibolites of Hladomorná valley formation (Slovenské Rudohorie MTS.)
    Contact metamorphism of granitoid rocks from the region Hnilec, Spišsko-Gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Distribúcia selénu na hydrotermálnych žilách v Novoveskej Hute (Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie)
    Gelnica Group - Lower unit of Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts. (West Carpathians) Early Palaeozoic
    The geochemistry and mineralogy of an epidoteglaukophanite from Hačava, Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., west Carpathians, Czechoslovakia
    Glaucophanised amphibolites and gneisses near Rudník (Slovenské Rudohorie Mts.)
    Grafit z hydrotermálne mineralizovanej brekcie v Novoveskej Hute (Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie)
    Interpretation of aeromagnetic investigation in the eastern part of the Slovenské rudohorie Mts.: the knowledge and problems
    Izotopic composition on sulphur and carbon of uranium mineralization near Novoveská Huta (tha Slovenské rudohorie Mts.)
    Magnetic, density and radioactive properties of Rochovec granites (Slovenské rudohorie Mts., Western Carpathians)
    Manifestations of skarn mineralization in the eastern part of the Spišso-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts.
    Metamorphic phase equilibria and primary character of metagabbros from borehole KV-3 near Rochovce and of amphibolites of Hladomorná Valley Formation (Slovenské Rudohorie Mts.)
    Mineral Resources in the Hnúšťa Area, Slovenské Rudohorie Mts., Central Slovakia; a Mineralogical Study
    Minerály oxidační zóny žíly Krížová, Gelnica, Slovenské rudohorie
    Mobilization of Metals from the Lower Palaeozoic Black Metapelites during Metamorphic Events (Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., West Carpathians)
    Rb-Sr geochronology of leucocratic granitoid rocks from the Spišskogemerské rudohorie Mts. and Veporicum
    Rb-Sr-isotopic ages of granitoide rocks from the Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts., western Carpathians, eastern Slovakia
    Some mineralization types bound to Lower Paleozoic black shales and lydites of the Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Supergenní minerály mědi z ložiska Gelnica (Slovenské Rudohorie)
    Uranium mineralization on hydrothermal veins in Novoveská Huta (Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts.)