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    AAPG European Region Conference with GSA : October 10-13, 2004 Prague : official program & abstract book : regional geology and hydrocarbon systems of European and Russian basins: looking for sweet spots
    Clastic cave deposits in Botovskaya cave (Eastern Siberia, Russian Federation)
    Environmental record in detrital cave sediments in the Botovskaya and Dolganskaya Jama caves (Russian Federation)
    The Eocene and Early Oligocene floras of the Russian Plain and their relation to the palaeofloras of Central Europe
    Magnetic fabric and mineralogy of cave deposits in Botovskaya Cave (Eastern Siberia, Russian Federation)
    Lethaea rossica. Rossijskij paleobotaničeskij žurnal - The Russian Journal of Palaeobotany. Paleobotaničeskij vremenik, Neperiodičeskie priloženie k žurnalu
    Russian Geology and Geophysics