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    The calculation of hydraulic Conductivity of Sands according to their Granularity
    The calculation of hydraulic conductivity of sands according to their granularity
    Cementation and blackening of Holocene sands by peat-derived humates: A case study from the Great Dune of Pilat, Landes des Gascogne, Southwestern France
    Evaluation of the alkali-silica reactivity potential of sands
    Experimental study of fly-ash migration in sands of various particle size distributions
    Feldspar-bearing gravels and sands from south Moravia
    Identification of alkali-silica reactive fragments in sands and gravels, using the mortar bar method and gel pat test, modified by petrographic image analysis
    The Lower Pannonian sands and Pannonian-Sarmatian boundary in the Matzen area of Vienna Basin
    Mineralogical, chemical and technological characterization of kaolinitic sands from deposit Vyšný Petrovec (South Slovakia)
    Numerical simulation of fly-ash transport in three sands of different particle-size distributions using HYDRUS-1D
    Quantification of reactive components in sands and gravels by petrographic image analysis (modified RILEM method)