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    Al-rich horizon in the Dyleň schist complex near the boundary Saxothuringicum/Moldanubicum
    Coexisting biotite and muscovite: an example from a Moinian mica schist at Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands
    Evidence of glaucophane schist facies metamorphism in the East Karkonosze, West Sudetes, Poland
    Locality No.2 - Nedvědice : Leucocratic orthogneiss, mica schist layers and fluorite-dominant layer with abundant tourmaline - Tourmaline minerals: schorl, dravite
    LP/HT versus MP/MT- metamorphism in the Schist mantle of the Saxonian Granulite Massif and in the northern part of the Erzgebirge Zone (Germany): similarities and differences
    Petrofabric analysis and anisotropy of physical properties of mica schist
    Restoration of the chlorite-talc schist sculptures