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    Daily, seasonal, and annual relationships between air and subsurface temperatures
    The effect of iron and manganese mine waters on stream biota, Part I: Seasonal and long term trends in mine water geochemistry.
    Global and regional seasonal variations of the geoid detected by GRACE
    Increase of annual and seasonal air temperatures in the Czech Republic during 1961 - 2010
    Magnetic fraction in atmospheric PM10 at sites with different environmental settings: Seasonal variations and effect of climatic conditions
    Magnetic fraction in PM10 from sites with different environmental stress: daily and seasonal variations
    Seasonal and inter-annual variation of Beryllium-7 deposition in birch-tree leaves and grass in the northeast upland area of the Czech Republic
    Seasonal dynamics of infiltration in soil horizon A in Zhůří enclave
    Seasonal dynamics of the river Elbe: fluxes from carbon- and strontium isotopes
    Seasonal simulation of the soil water regime - a sensitivity analysis
    Seasonal variability of selected chemical, physical and hydraulic properties of agricultural soils
    Seasonal variability of soil aggregate stability
    Seasonal variation of water extractable aluminium forms in acidified forest organic soils under different vegetation cover