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    Agglutinated foraminifers from the Upper Senonian to Paleogene flysch of the Middle Váh valley (Súlov, Javorníky, Biele Kartpaty Mts) Slovakia
    Senonian to Paleogene palaeogeographic and tectonic development of the Myjavská pahorkatina upland (west Carpathians, Czechoslovakia)
    Similarities between the Upper Cretaceous (Senonian) floras from Bohemia and the Aachen-Limburg area
    Upper senonian and paleocene biostratigraphy and palaeogeographic development of al Qaryat al Gharbíah area (Hammádah al Hamrá', Lybia)
    Variability of the Senonian species Oscillopha dichotoma (Bayle, 1849)