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    Developmental Trends in Remote Sensing of the Earth
    Distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing for hydrologic systems
    Geodynamic movements detected by the GPS technology and supported by the earthquake occurrences, remote sensing and other phenomena. A study case for the Moravo- Silesian part of the BohemianMassif
    Mining Remote Sensing and its role in implementation of Czech and EU Directives - a case study for Sokolov open pit mine
    Model of landslide detection using remote sensing data and GIS tools
    Model of landslide detection using remote sensing data and GIS tools
    Remote Sensing Data and Neotectonic Activity in the Sudeten Area
    Remote Sensing Study and Petrological Characteristics of Raw Materials for Cement Industry in Jabal Seraj Area, Afghanistan
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    Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Environment
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