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    Chemical composition of plant silica phytoliths
    An expeditious wet-chemical schema for silicate analysis using titrimetric determination of silica
    Formation of colloidal silica and alumina during experimental granodiorite weathering
    Formation of Colloidal Silica and Alumina During Experimental Granodiorite Weathering
    Genesis of Jurassic silica geodes in Moravia
    Interaction of freshly precipitated silica gel with aqueous silicic acid solutions under ambient and near neutral pH-conditions: a detailed analysis of linear rate law
    Interaction of Freshly Precipitated Silica Gel with Aqueous Silicic Acid Solutions under Ambient and Near Neutral pH-conditions: A Detailed Analysis of Linear Rate Law
    The middle and upper Triassic of the Stratenská hornatina Mts. and its relation to the Triassic of the Slovak karst Silica nappe (the west Carpathians Mts., Slovakia)
    On the age of the Meliata group and the Silica nappe radiolaries (Localities Držkovce and Bohúňovo, Sloval karst, ČSSR)
    Origin of regular cavities in European sandstones: field evidence for dissolution of carbonate and silica cement
    Oxidation behavior of carbon/carbon composites impregnated with silica and silicon oxycarbide
    Phase relations in the silica rich area of the system Li2O-SnO2-SiO2
    Rietveld refined of the crystal structure of silica phases from the Barringer Crater in Arizona
    Silica - zrození a smrt jezera (Podaří se zachránit Jašterčie jazierko na Silické planině ve Slovenském krasu?)