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    Composite surface temperature history from simultaneous inversion of borehole temperatures in western Canadian plains
    Coordinated simultaneous Freja-Niemegk ULF measurements
    Coordinated simultaneous Freja satellite and Niemegk observatory ULF measurements
    European earthquakes in the 18th century through simultaneous pictorial documentation
    Laboratory approach to the study of elastic anisotropy on spheres by simultaneous longitudinal and transversal sounding under confining pressure
    Mid-latitude field line resonances from simultaneous measurement of the Freja satellite and the Budkov observatory
    Simultaneous analysis of cytokines and co-stimulatory molecules concentrations by ELISA technique and of probabilities of measurable concentrations of interleukins occurring in plasma of healthy blood donors
    Simultaneous conjugate ground-satellite ULF pulsation measurements at the middle latitudes
    Simultaneous determination of both exposure time and denudation rate from in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides profile: Model sensitivity and applications to natural cases
    Simultaneous determination of Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from combination of results of different observation techniques
    Simultaneous determination of the source mechanism and the seismic wave energy
    Simultaneous infrasonic, seismic, magnetic and ionospheric observations in an earthquake epicentre
    Simultaneous Interpretation of Several VES Curves
    Simultaneous microseismic event localization and source mechanism determination
    Simultaneous refinement of two components of an exsolution intergrowth: crystal structures of the lindstr√∂mite - krupkaite pair
    Spatial features of mid-latitude field-line resonances from simultaneous ground-satellite measurements
    Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events
    Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events
    Wave diagnostics of the outer high-latitude ionosphere under application of numerical simulation of ionospheric filtration to simultaneous, conjugate, ground-based and satellite measurements of PC1 signals