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    28th Polish - Czech - Slovakian Symposium on Mining Geophysics - Proceedings of abstracts
    31th Polish - Czech - Slovakian Symposium on Mining and Environmental Geophysics
    Contribution of the geophysical and space imagery data to surveying of crust's type and its dynamic in the east slovakian part of flysh zone
    Detection of abnormal fluid pressures by the CDP method in the East Slovakian Neogene Basin
    Diagenesis of two smectite types in the East Slovakian Basin
    The East Slovakian Neogene Basin
    Evaporites on the NW Flank of the East Slovakian Neogene Basin
    Geochemical drainage survey in the Central Slovakian neovolcanic mountains
    Hydrocarbon generation zone in the East Slovakian Neogene basin: model and geochemical evidence
    The Late Paleozoic in the structure of Zemplínske vrchy Hills and some problems of its development (the Western Carpathians, Southern Part of the East Slovakian Basin)
    Lignite investigation in the Slovakian part of the Vienna Basin
    New results of geophysical prospecting in the east Slovakian Neogene basin
    Occurrence of calcareous nannoplankton in the Pannonian sediments of Slovakian Neogene basins
    Oxygen and carbon isotopic analysis of Karpatian foraminifera from LKŠ-1 borehole (Southern Slovakian Basin)
    Proposition for correlation between marine Hungarian and fluviolacustric Slovakian Upper Permian sequences
    Quantitative subsidence analysis in the Vienna, Danube and East Slovakian Basins
    Reinterpretation of the basement of the Eastern Slovakian basin and its correlation with the Carpathian units
    The South Slovakian Basin