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    Automated preprocessing of digital seismograms - principles and software. Version 2.2
    Pedagogický software 2000
    PREPROC - Software for automated preprocessing of digital seismic data. Manual edition July 1995
    Software and Alhorithms of Numerical Mathematics. Proceedings of the 16th summer school
    Application of newly developed ArcGIS software extensions for localization of faults and natural zones of methane's escape by morphotectonic analysis (Moravosilesian region)
    GCDkit: new PC software for interpretation of whole-rock geochemical data from igneous rocks
    Geostatistický software pro veřejnost
    Inventory maps and modelling of slope movements using Arc View software
    Inventory maps and modelling of slope movements using ArcView software
    Is your software worth your money? Developing freeware applications for interpretation of compositional data from igneous rocks
    Large scale mathematical modelling of the effects of mining with GEM3/HPC software
    Metoda konečných prvků na "slepovaných" sítích. Software GEM 22P
    New interactive software for seismic data processing
    Nové verze software pro zpracování leteckých a družicových snímků
    Preliminary West Sudeten site movements determined by the GAMIT/GLOBK and BERNESE GPS software
    R - an alternative to spreadsheets and special software for geochemical calculations and plotting
    R - an Alternative to Spreadsheets and Special Software for Geochemical Calculations and Plotting
    REMA6W - MS Windows software for controlelling JR-6 Spinner magnetometers
    Software for modeling the magnetic anisotropy of strained rocks
    Software package to analyze structural tectonic data
    TOMS představuje novou generaci software pro podporu řízení distribučních společností
    Advances in Engineering Software